My name is Scott Keller, and I am obsessed with rock music. I love listening to music and learning the history of rock music. Music has the ability to lock palpable memories, especially when we are younger. Now that I am older, I am willing to stroll through a little memory lane while presenting some critical analysis about the music in my ever-growing collection of albums, compact discs, 7″ singles and mp3s. I also tend to hyper-focus on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cheap Trick.

11 thoughts on “About”

  1. Have now read three of your posts (commented on two) and man oh man we have some similar tastes and thoughts on music.

    Looking forward to reading all your previous entries as well as keeping abreast of your current stuff.


  2. Thank you for writing this blog. I am spending a very enjoyable Saturday with a cat on my lap scrolling through your posts. Awesome music taste! Please continue blogging and doing “top list” posts.


    1. I am glad you have enjoyed the blog as it tends to be therapy for me. I believe you have truly have gotten to the essence of John’s amazing career. As I get older, I seem to find much more comfort in his music than I ever did before. The man speaks for the dashed dreams here in the Midwest & continues to do so as he ages ever so gracefully. Thank you so very much for your share and continue to do so. I love to read voices who are so much more articulate than mine. Peace to you & yours!


  3. Thank you, Scott, for your kind comments about my parents. We helped each other through a lot! I still can’t have a birthday without thinking, “Man, I’d love to have a bite of that Peanut Butter Pie Stephanie use to make me for my birthday!” We were happy to share our parents, our friendship and our love of music!


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