Arena Rock, A to Z: Day 5

9.18 Arena Rock

For better or for worse, Arena Rock has given us some of the most enduring music and artists of all-time. Think about it! These artists, either by themselves or collectively have sold HUNDREDS of millions of records throughout the world. And forty to fifty years later, they continue to pack arenas and outdoor amphitheaters throughout the States and world. The truly become some of the greatest artists in rock history.

9.22 Heart
9.22 Queen

Over the years, there have been many musical scenes that have popped up in order to challenge the status quo. I have lived through Punk, New Wave, Soft Rock (now called Yacht Rock), Heavy Metal, Glam (hair), College Rock, Grunge, Rap and all of its sub-genres, Alternative Rock, Girl Groups and Boy Bands, Emo, Indie Rockers and Popsters, Power Pop, and all the rest. And, still, these Arena Rock bands continue pull in the fans to their concerts. Their best-selling albums still register relatively large sales, along with these artists concise hits compilations. And, when these artists release special remastered editions of their best albums upon some anniversary, fans will scoop those up as well. I know, because I am guilty on all counts.

9.22 Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick

During our teens and early twenties, humans tend to intertwine emotional memories within the popular music of the day. Often, when I hear music from my youth, I will involuntarily travel back in time, remembering sights, sounds, smells and emotions surrounding that memory to which the music is tied. It’s crazy how music can transport us in time.

9.22 Van Halen
Van Halen (not Van Hagar!)

So, in honor of those artists who helped me get through those adolescent and young adult years, I finish off this week honoring these Arena Rock Bands and Solo Artists. Today, I present the final 20 artists of this dominant genre.

9.22 Steely Dan - Cant Buy a Thrill

  1. Steely Dan

Best Album: Can’t Buy Me Love

Best Song: “Reelin’ in the Years”

  1. Steve Miller Band

Best Album: Fly like an Eagle

Best Song: “Jet Airliner”

  1. Styx

Best Album: Pieces of Eight

Best Song: “Renegade”

  1. Supertramp

Best Album: Breakfast in America

Best Song: “Renegade”

9.22 Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

  1. Survivor

Best Album: Eye of the Tiger

Best Song: “Eye of the Tiger”

  1. Ted Nugent

Best Album: Free for All

Best Song: “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang”

  1. Tesla

Best Album: Five Man Acoustic Band

Best Song: “Signs”

  1. The Babys

Best Album: Head First

Best Song: “Everytime I Think of You”

  1. The Cars

Best Album: The Cars

Best Song: “Touch and Go”

9.22 The Kinks - Low Budget

  1. The Kinks

Best Album: Low Budget

Best Song: “Lola”

  1. The Tubes

Best Album: The Completion Backward Principle

Best Song: “Talk to Ya Later”

  1. Thin Lizzy

Best Album: Jailbreak

Best Song: “The Boys Are Back in Town”

  1. Todd Rundgren

Best Album: Hermit of Mink Hollow

Best Song: “Can We Still Be Friends?”

  1. Toto

Best Album: Toto IV

Best Song: “Africa”

9.22 Triumph - Allied Forces

  1. Triumph

Best Album: Allied Forces

Best Song: “Magic Power”

  1. Utopia

Best Album: Adventures in Utopia

Best Song: “Set Me Free”

  1. Van Halen

Best Album: Van Halen

Best Song: “Jamie’s Cryin’”

  1. Whitesnake

Best Album: Whitesnake

Best Song: “Here I Go Again (Radio Version)”

  1. Yes

Best Album: Fragile

Best Song: “Roundabout”

9.22 ZZ Top - Eliminator

  1. ZZ Top

Best Album: Eliminator

Best Song: “Legs”


These artists from this weeks’ series have collectively gotten myself and my peers through life. I can sum this whole thing up in one phrase, taken from The Who: “Long Live Rock!”

long live rock
The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


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