Arena Rock, A to Z: Day 3

9.18 Arena Rock

By the mid-Seventies, rock festivals had become blasé. Ticket sales had become soft, because few wanted to experience another Woodstock, with the mud and lack of food, or Altamont, where the Stones’ security solution was to hire Hells’ Angels, which lead to the death to a young black man Meredith Hunter. So, for the most part, festivals had fallen on bad times.

9.20 California Jam I
California Jam

So, the bigger bands began touring arenas and stadiums. Eventually, a couple of semi-famous festivals happened in California in 1974 and again in 1978 known as California Jam and California Jam 2. Of course, there were some other minor all day events, such as the Bay Area’s Day on the Lawn, but the big, multi-day festival was over, until the early Eighties. That’s when Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak started a three-day event he called the US Festival. Yet, this two-year adventure went by the wayside.

9.20 California Jam Poster

In 1985, in order to bank upon the momentum from charity singles by all-star line-ups to raise money for those suffering the effects of famine in Ethiopia. Thus, Live Aid was born. But, it too was only to be held one year. And, during the Nineties, we saw the traveling day-long festival being the new attempt at an old idea. First, there was Lollapalooza, followed by Ozz-Fest, Lillath Fair, the Vans Tour and others. But, eventually, they all fizzled out over time.

9.20 California Jam 2
California Jam 2


Then, upon the arrival of the new millennium, corporations began to organize festivals such as Bonaroo and Coachella, which are now held annually, along with other a multitude of minor festivals. Now, the only artists truly embarking upon tours were the artists of my youth, while today’s big names stuck to the festival circuit.

9.20 California Jam 2 Poster

So, that actually proves the longevity of those artists of my youth, the very same artists whom I am honoring this week. Today, I present Day Three of my run through My Favorite 100 Arena Rock Artists, A to Z.

9.20 Jethro Tull - Aqualung

  1. Jethro Tull

Best Album: Aqualung

Best Song: “Bungle in the Jungle”

  1. Joe Walsh

Best Album: …But Seriously Folks

Best Song: “Life’s Been Good”

  1. John Mellencamp

Best Album: The Lonesome Jubilee

Best Song: “Cherry Bomb”

  1. John Waite

Best Album: No Brakes

Best Song: “Missing You”

9.20 Journey - Departure

  1. Journey

Best Album: Departure

Best Song: “Walks like a Lady”

  1. Judas Priest

Best Album: British Steel

Best Song: “Living After Midnight”

  1. Kansas

Best Album: Leftoverture

Best Song: “Point of Know Return”

  1. Kiss

Best Album: Destroyer

Best Song: “Rock and Roll All Nite (Live)”

  1. Lita Ford

Best Album: Lita

Best Song: “Kiss Me Deadly”

9.20 Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus

  1. Little Feat

Best Album: Waiting for Columbus

Best Song: “Dixie Chicken”

  1. Lou Gramm

Best Album: Ready or Not

Best Song: “Midnight Blue”

  1. Loverboy

Best Album: Get Lucky

Best Song: “Jump”

  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd

Best Album: Street Survivors

Best Song: “Tuesday’s Gone”

  1. Marshall Tucker Band

Best Album: The Marshall Tucker Band

Best Song: “Heard It in a Love Song”

  1. Meat Loaf

Best Album: Bat Out of Hell

Best Song: “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”

9.20 Metallica - And Justice for All

  1. Metallica

Best Album: …And Justice for All

Best Song: “Enter Sandman”

  1. Molly Hatchet

Best Album: Molly Hatchet

Best Song: “Flirtin’ with Disaster”

  1. Mötley Crüe

Best Album: Shout at the Devil

Best Song: “Looks That Kill”

  1. Motörhead

Best Album: Ace of Spades

Best Song: “Ace of Spades”

9.20 Nazareth - Hair of the Dog

  1. Nazareth

Best Album: Hair of the Dog

Best Song: “Love Hurts”

Two more days! Now, it’s all downhill for this topic. See you tomorrow. Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!

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